Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Greetings Challenge Fall Colours GCC090516

Hello Crafty Peeps,

Puh, last week is finally over and I have gotten my home back and can sleep in my own bed. Last week we had a TV-production crew take over my house. The children channel has a show called "Fixing the Room" where the kids can get their rooms redecorated in their own way. My boys was chosen out of 3000 applicants. Since my boys share room it was also a bit challenge for the crew, since my oldest wanted something with music since he plays the french horn while my youngest one breaths/play soccer. So they had 2 rooms to finish in one so to speak and they did a fantastic job. It was worth it to have to live at my mom's house for the past week while they where working on the room. Daniel was with the crew from morning until afternoon, helping out with the room. It was all a secret for me so I wasn't able to see the room, hear about the room at all. My youngest son was also with them for a few days helping out on his side of the room. Since this show won't air until Feb/Mar of next year 2017 I will not be able to show you how the whole room looks like, but I have a few pictures that I can show.

Anyways, this weeks challenge theme is Fall Colors, I can NOT believe that we are in the month of September already. Where did the time go and what happened to the summer? Guess it's because I worked all summer it feels strange. Not a big fan of the colder weather but have to admit that I am enjoying the Fall Colors, when I lived in Florida there where no Fall Colors it was green or more green. I like it when the trees starts to change colors and you will see an ocean of green, yellow, red, purple, orange - you name it. There are so many different colors in the Fall.

This weeks sponsors are: Bugaboo Stamps and also Di's Digistamp
The images I chose from the sponsors are: Di's Digistamp Scruffy Kitty and for Bugaboo Stamps I chose Girlz Autumn Blessings

So with further due and until next week ............................... Craft on.

 Scruffy Kitty

 Gilz Autumn Blessing

Here is a sneak peak of how the room turned out. More pictures will be posted when the show has been aired here in Sweden.

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