Thursday, August 4, 2016

Monday Greetings - Something About Music GCC070416

Hello my crafty peeps

I know I have been absent from my blog lately. I got laid off from my work and I got another job where I work odd hours. I work now at a summer hotel as a breakfast host as well as a waitress during the evening. So I have early mornings and late nights

Anyways, I wanted to post all the challenges so I am starting where I left off and will continue until I am catched up. I have been doing the challenges but as you see not having the time to do the blog.

This challenge is all about music and it was a fun challenge to do. Music is and has been a part of my life since a little girl. I have played music instrument, been in a choir, been dancing and now my oldest son is playing a music intrument.

I don't want to raddle on so I will leave you with my take on the challenge

Until next time ...............craft on.

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