Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Examen - Graduation

Hello again my crafty peeps,

Wow, it feels like I have been a busy little bee the last week with all the cards and everything that has gone on this past week. This past Saturday I celebrated my nephew on his Graduation - not any graduation either. He is now officially a doctor and is off to do is AT this summer and then when that comes to an end he has to choose what field he wants to continue in, if he wants to specialize in something specific such as medicin, children etc.

I am such a proud auntie and I don't know where he gets his drive from, he is always doing everything All-In.
He has not flunked a single exam in these 5,5 years he has studied to become a doctor.

Anyways, I had to make a card for him, and since my son's are half Americans and I have lived in the States for 10 years I thought it would be great to make a graduation card inspired from the States. Here in Sweden we do not use cap and gown when graduating from University. We do have a special hat/cap when graduating from your so-called HighSchool.

Below you will see the card that I made for my nephew Dr. Jonathan Björnsson. I wanted to incorporate our Swedish colors so therefore there are a lot of yellow and blue as our flag. Since he is taken his Master's I had to choose the black for the cap and gown, and he had a blue suit so therefore the blue pants :)

Anyways, until next time .....................................................craft on!!!

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